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When Vittorio Rubin founded his firm, his only certainty was a heartfelt belief in what he was doing.

In 1968, his ground-breaking ideas and conviction that it would not take long to develop sophisticated products and services were the driving force behind the foundation of OMR.


As time passed, the founder took on a skilled team of like-minded employees who believed in values which today are still the firm’s hallmark:

  • Quality
  • Service and Flexibility
  • Reliability and Experience
  • Technological development
  • Lean Thinking and Continuous improvement.

These qualities are geared towards a competent, dynamic market and a quality product at a competitive price.


Today, OMR is at the cutting-edge of the precision mechanical engineering and gear construction industries, both in Italy and overseas, on account of its sophisticated technology and end-product reliability.

This achievement is due to the farsightedness of the firm’s founder, who has always invested in new ideas in order to fulfil customer requirements.

These qualities have made OMR service and products sought-after commodities on markets in: Germany, France, Norway, USA, Japan as well as in Italy.